The web is inexpensive, open source and awesome.
Now, live TV graphics are too.

Open-source playout

Never pay for playout software again.

Simple Interfaces

Train bug operators in about 5 minutes.

Off-the-shelf hardware

Runs on machines you can buy in a store.

Multichannel & Multilanguage

Control it all automatically with one operator.

Better Usability = Better Content

You don't really have a great graphics package unless you can use it.

Current graphics systems require that you know a large set of template codes.
We think that's the software's job. Just tell it the stat you want to see and fire.
You spend your time and energy finding and telling the best story.

Example: The producer wants to see both fighters'
head strikes landed in Round 2.

We replaced this:

  • Call Template 51010

  • Tab Through Spreadsheet Window

  • Set flag to Both Fighters

  • Set value to Strike Stats

  • Set Target flag to Head

  • Select Round 2

  • Refresh to Update Data

  • Hit 'Take' to Animate In

  • Hit 'Take' again to Animate Out

With this:

  • Hit 'Two Fighter Stat'

  • Hit Round 2

  • Select or Type 'Head Strikes Landed'

  • Hit 'Auto' to animate in and out for set time


Nearly all sports have a 'bug' - a basic clock/game tracking package. It shouldn't really require training to use, so we designed one that doesn't.

Operators all over the world have been taught to use the FMProduction MMA bug in about 5 minutes in their native language.

We use the same design principles as our stats system and our bugs include team colors, API-driven automatic schedule/player fill-in, and still and video promos.

Retail, Portable Hardware

It's okay to be cheap and easy.

CasparCG and our software runs on Intel i7 laptops, Win 7/10, with discrete graphics and Thunderbolt. That's it. Today, we use:


This popular gaming laptop has discreet graphics, Thunderbolt, and a 17" screen.


Blackmagic Design UltraStudio 4K

Small, solid, and powerful, the UltraStudio 4K gives you SD/HD video, digital and analog and a full range of sound options out of the box.


How We Stack Up

Start out tens of thousand of dollars ahead in hardware and software alone.

FMProduction powers the UFC clock and stat graphics from Vegas to Seoul to Rio.

Multiple Looks, Seamlessly

UFC can switch between pay-per-view and broadcast graphics packages instantly, without restarting... or run both simultaneously on separate channels.

Live Data, Natively

Stats & Motion Tracking Data off the clock, in a sidebar or a full screen, including live polling and social media. All available natively, up to the second.

Portable Global Reach

The kit is small and inexpensive, making it easy to ship or station where needed. Hardware is durable; replacements are available retail.

Automated Graphics / Multilanguage

One operator controls broadcast and in-venue graphics with backups in English, Spanish, and Portuguese. It's not that we can do it; we do it today.

Multichannel Playout & Automated Graphics

One operator to control them all.

Each kit (laptop + playout box) is one channel. Our control app controls multiple kits and each kit sets its own look, even its own language. This is not a theoretical platform; our clients use it today.

CasparCG was developed by the Swedish Broadcasting Corporation ("SVT") which is the license-fee funded public service television broadcaster in Sweden.
What started as an in-house tool quickly developed to become a corner-stone of our production.

Free open source playout,
so we can focus on your content

So much of what you pay for in other broadcast graphics is the playout software, and that's before you even start a graphics build-out to fit your needs. What if you started tens of thousands of dollars ahead and just spent your time and money on you?

CasparCG has a decade of success:

  • Regular stable releases since 2006

  • Full, layered mixer so you can mix video and graphics freely

  • Flash & HTML5 animation & direct Photoshop link

  • Formats across all NTCS/PAL, SD/HD/4K

  • Apple ProRes, Avid DNxHD, H.264, FLV, Quicktime

  • All popular audio formats embedded, digital or analog outputs.