Live Logging.
Simple, in the cloud and truly live.

You should not be stuck tagging your valuable live products in post.

Live is where data is most valuable, so tag live and use the data immediately. Live highlight clipping, second screen experiences, and even live graphic automation - all from a single, structured source.

All Hail the Mighty Timecode

It's like genlocking a camera, but for your data.

No matter what logging tools we create to track your actions, all systems refer back to a single master timecode, synced to the master production time.

Restarting your clock? No problem.
28 hour days? No problem.
Mixed on and off-site use with latency? No problem.

Anything Can Happen Live. That Doesn't Mean it's Random.

Logging is the mirror image of your show format.

You planned every part of your broadcast down to the second and took into account all the contingencies. Like sports, formats represent the structure and universe of what can happen in broadcast.

We translate that into a logging interface. Some things just have to be
tagged for time; others like highlights vary a lot more and require more
detail to be useful. We provide the best tools to each task.

Keep Your Eyes on the Action

It's like a video game in reverse - it happens on screen, then you push a button.

One of the keys to logging accurately is to be able to keep your eyes on the action. We deploy laptops, touchscreen tablets, even gamepads - whatever is appropriate to the data.